" The Gold flavour "

Rabbit with prunes pâté 200G

Réf.: LPR
Prix : 4,60 €
The Rabbit with prunes pâté is the last born product of our workshop. Far away of a "copy-paste" of the Natural Rabbit pâté, we have especially thought each ingredient, with the aim to make the...

Hot & Spicy Pâté 200G

Réf.: PIM
Prix : 4,60 €
Based on a turkey meat highly-saesoned with 2 pepers. The paprika for it color and the terrible cayenne pepper, for the greatest pleasure of the spicy pâtés amateurs ! Ingredients: pork lean and...

Shallot pâté 200G

Réf.: ECH
Prix : 4,60 €
A succulent pâté based on chiken tenderloin higly-saesonned by the subtility of the tarragon, freshly added to the stuffing. Ingredients: pork lean and grease, chiken tenderloin, pork liver,...

Turkey Cumin Pâté 200G

Réf.: EPI
Prix : 4,60 €
With his highly-saesonned taste of nutmeg and above all it dominant taste of cumin, this pâté goes out of the beaten track to suggest a different and original taste. Ingredient: Pork lean and...

Chicken tarragon pâté 200G

Réf.: PFH
Prix : 4,60 €
Based on chicken terdenloin, this exquisite pâté is flavoured with mixed herbs, with a piece of tarragon, wich the naturals taste amateurs will enjoy a lot. Ingredients : pork lean and grease,...

Garlic pâté 200G

Réf.: PAF
Prix : 4,60 €
One of the best of the range of product, with the fresh garlic marked taste from the Douai region, peeled and incorporated to every single pâté with some diced bacon. Ingredients : pork lean and...

Juniper berry pâté 200G

Réf.: PGN
Prix : 4,60 €
The alliance of the sour softness from the juniper berry and the hardness of the north alcohol. Ingredients : Pork lean and grease, duck tenderloin, milk, salt, spices (including coriander),...

Beer pâté 200G

Réf.: PBI
Prix : 4,60 €
A rustic pâté with the tough and enivrant taste of the brewed Beer of the north region. Ingredients : Pork Lean, liver and grease, chicken tenderloin, beer 4,2%, fresh garlic, salt, spices, gelatin

Chicory Pâté 200G

Réf.: CHI
Prix : 4,60 €
A bronze colored pâté that whet every good food amateurs appetite. The bitterness of the North Chicory is clearee by the softness of a flavoured gelatin caramel. Ingredients Turkey meat and...

Natural Rabbit pâté 200G

Réf.: LAP
Prix : 4,60 €
46% of rabbit meat ! Fresh garlic, a branch of thym and a piece of nutmeg...To cut a long story short, this is what we call a Rabbit Pâté, the best sales in the north of France ! Ingredients:...




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